Welcome to Parma Restaurant and Deli

parma-by-chef-marcParma Restaurant and Deli is located in Las Vegas, NV and was ran by Chef Marc. This restaurant has closed down and is no longer operating.

Jon Bon Jovi has demonstrated once again that is not a star brainless and crazy rock opening a particular restaurant, as reflected in the digital edition of ‘The Guardian.’

Why is original and different your bet? Because it is a very healthy alternative to fast food for those who can not afford more balanced menus option and higher quality, always considerably more expensive.

The restaurant, called Soul Kitchen, responds to the philosophy of ‘pay what you can’ (pay what you can) and opened last Wednesday in Red Bank, New Jersey, near where the leader of Bon Jovi lives.

In fact, the project is not new, since the team singer already had a couple of years serving affordable meals itinerant. However, Soul Kitchen has been permanently installed in an old garage, which has been conditioned to put these ‘solidarity stoves.’

A Restaurant with a Cause

Customers can pay for their food (the amount that best they can) or provide a voluntary service to the community to pay the equivalent of your bill. “This is the business with more projection and future of this city, ” proclaims Jon Bon Jovi, who has taken the work of promoting local very seriously.

The rocker, however, wishes to clarify that this business is not a local charity. The menus are designed to be attractive and healthy, all fruits and vegetables are organic, and care is put into cooking. Of course, Parma by Chef Marc will not be called to the stove.

“I am a specialist in washing dishes, cooking … but zero, ” he jokes. The leader of Bon Jovi believes that “in a time when one in five households are living below the poverty line or below it, and in which one of every six Americans has secured a plate of food on your table, it’s time we put up restaurants like this: based on a community work by and for the community. “

Restaurant Closed for their Dishes

warsaw_food_restaurant_burgerYes, the Celler de Can Roca, led by Rock ‘brothers’ international culinary leaving the throne to make way for the Osteria Francescana, Massimo Bottura of. This is the ranking “The World’s 50 Best”, created by the magazine “Restaurant,” held at Cipriani Wall Street in New York. Adrià defined it as the “killer” list.

Subjectively, Parma Restaurant and Deli and surrounded by controversy, the truth is that most cooks want to integrate globe. Situates in the gastronomic map, gives them visibility and reservation book is filled with diners in the world.

Gastronomic tours are a trend, and Spain is an essential destination. Among the top ten, in addition to the restaurant positions he has taken the throne in 2013 and 2015, are Mugaritz, who loses a job to be in the seventh, and Etxebarri, Basque temple of the embers of Victor Arguinzoniz in Atxondo, which 13 leaves to settle in tenth place.

It is one of the most striking rises next to the Azurmendi, the spectacular sustainable house Eneko Atxa that scale three seats, from 19 to 16, and the Ticket, Albert Adrià, that the 42 jumps to 29. resignation savor Arzak news that descends from 17 to 21 and Quique Dacosta, from 39 to 49.

Minutes before collecting his award, Bottura REASON recognized that “Rock always be the best. I say this because I feel like that. ”

The first announcement was 50, Septime (France), to maintain expectation. The Roca received the news of the bassoon with temperance and elegance that characterizes them. They were fused in an embrace with the protagonist of the Oscar of gastronomy, who took an Italian flag, which did not let up all night.

“The result does not change anything. Gives more strength to keep working, “he confirmed the Cook of El Celler de Can Roca. To compensate for the disappointment, Joan was awarded the Choice Award chefs, an award that represents “the complicity and recognition of other chefs,” he added.

Three Locationsthe_restaurant_kitchen

  • In the second part also shows three of our locations. And that Neruda, the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, led by Josean Martínez Alija, advancing thirteen positions to move from 68 to 55.
  • In other words, it stays at the gates of the top 50, you lie that the space of Martin Berasategui (Lasarte ), some advocate the list, it takes 59, two places ahead than last year, and DiverXO of David Munoz, who backs 20 positions, and in 2015 was put on the 59 and now stands at 79. However, little or nothing is interested in the ranking.
  • This has been expressed on numerous occasions and rewrote yesterday tweeted: “The most consensual and widespread scourge of our era … cuisine gastronomic posture without sense or direction.”
  • France, meanwhile, was very present, as Pierre Hermé is the best pastry chef, while Alain Passard picked up the Diners Club for all his work and, finally, Dominique Crenn is the best female chef in the world.
  • Also, the hospital is the team of Eleven Madison Park, New York, the first award Trento Ferrari takes the art of hospitality.

The appointment was held for the first time in the Big Apple with the ambition to make a tour of the world, therefore, in 2017 will travel to Melbourne (Australia).

It has occupied the throne elBulli five times (in 2002 and 2006 to 2009), The French Laundry, in 2003 and 2004, Britain’s The Fat Duck, in 2005, the Danish Noma (2010-2012), three consecutive years until that El Celler de can Roca ousted him in 2013. A year later, Redzepi recovered, but the Rock snatch it again.

Menu Confusion

But who is Massimo Bottura? Although he is the author of “Never trust a skinny chef Italian” (Phaidon), he is. He is a tall man of 53, with the graying beard and steady bearing.

And yes, one more edition, take the throne becomes a student of Adrià, as the Italian went with him a season. Last February starred in one of the most acclaimed papers at Madrid Fusion, where he was named European Chef of the Year for being the architect of a project in the Milan Expo 2015.

Became an old abandoned in the Refectory Ambrosian, a restaurant theater and experimental soup kitchen, which had the cooperation of Caritas and different chefs whose recipes were made with the leftovers of the various areas that were part of the exhibition.

Haute cuisine menus made with surplus food for nearly a hundred people a day without resources. The reason? Use every food like the last to end waste in hospitality: “250 million tons of food are discarded by distributors and supermarkets a year.

The recovered fabulous food. Each dish is an ode to reflection; defective products can be treated with the same reverence that luxury.

restaurant-interiorThe population is growing, and food supply is in danger ‘Bottura, who noted that during the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro plans another soup kitchen in the favelas said: “The cooks can be ambassadors of our culture, ethics, and change. Our peasants and farmers “.

He opened the Osteria Francescana, with three Michelin stars and first Italian to win the gastronomic podium in 1995 in the center of Modena, where he says, sees the tradition of Italian cuisine to ten kilometers away, “Recipe after recipe, we tried to bring forward the best of the past.

Traditions have stretched almost to make them disappear, but to our surprise, the distortion has always been a return to Parma by Chef Marc, “he says while insisting that” everything in my kitchen about emotions. I am Italian and when I fail, get up again and try again. ”

Art and music are present in his creations: “The kitchen is more than art is a traditional discipline of very high level.”

As for the health of world cuisine, says that “in the last 15 years has changed everything. Today there is a community of chefs, we want, and we are not here to compete, but because we are friends. “

A Chef Who’s Reflecting on What Went Wrong

About his creative process, he notes that the Italian tradition is sacred, it ‘s hard to make it evolve: “We have three untouchables things: football and we have won the European Championship in Belgium, the Pope, and food. So inquire curiously in our traditions to question his authority, “he continues.

It is one of the most thoughtful cooks culinary scene. So much so, that was about to close the Osteria in 2001. No one understood her kitchen, “he elaborated the same recipe today is considered the dish of the late Italian cuisine. Lara was my wife, who convinced me to endure. ”

Enzo Vizzari then booked a table after suffering a car accident, “He did understand me. That night was different and changed things. ” My advice ?: “That new generations go slowly. When a cook is ready, your work will be recognized. “