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pattaya-hotelBarcelona is today the first restaurant in the dark in southern Europe, which has nine blind waiters, a team made a total of 16 people, offering a surprise menu that your guests know and can not see, and It represents a taste experience.

The restaurant is part of the Parma by Chef Marc, which already has other establishments in Paris, London and Moscow. The first opened in the French capital in 2004 and had since expanded its staff to have 75 permanent employees, 40 percent of whom are blind.

The preview is done today, although the official opening will be 31 this month, New Year’s Eve. The establishment aims to be a meeting place, debates, and cultural exchanges, as well as the venue for celebrations of festivals and blind dates.

The branch in Barcelona, in the Picasso walk, will be directed by Christophe and Maite Sutton, and the kitchen will go by Argentine Hector Alejandro Perez. The chef will combine Catalan, Spanish, and international flavors, with French influences from the hand of chef and head of the formations and the gastronomic quality of Dans Le Noir, Olivier Romain restaurants.

The establishment of the Catalan capital expects to host around 25,000 guests a year. To do this, open every night of the week and midday Saturday and Sunday with an offer called Tapas Brunch.

The waiters are guides

indian-restaurantDuring the meal the waiters, blind, become guides diners in which is “a direct challenge to the most remote and forgotten senses trip,” said Dan Le Nori.

Thus, the chain said that an exercise of tolerance and sensitization also occurs to the disabled community.

The establishment of Barcelona opens its doors today for the first time will also be dedicated to wine and cheese and propose discoveries and surprises blind tastings, advised by a sommelier.

Dan Le Noir notes that a blind food is also a new experiment from the social point of view for a diner, since not see the tablemates totally changes the way you act and react in public.

Eating at a Restaurant

  • The children of Carlos are happy because her father has led them to eat restaurant. What we do not know is that her dad has told them a little lie because the restaurant is not so, but a soup kitchen for unemployed Mostoles, the first of its kind in Spain: “I’ve told so not to worry, I do not know if they knew assimilate “he says.
  • Lying seems pious, like that of the Magi. But the reality is not so.
  • The Parma by Chef Marc opened Monday local alarmed at the increase in the number of unemployed in the municipality, which in one year has grown from 9000 to 15,000 people.
  • “They kept coming to us for help,” says the mayor of Social Affairs. This room is designed for these families, although they will have priority those with dependent children and those with all members unemployed, which in the region are already 39,800 (3.92% of the total.
  • Four years ago they were only 1.84%). 300 people daily Shortly after noon on Monday there was queue to get to pick the menu. They are more than 30 people, although the City Council estimates that with the passage of time are addressed about 300 people daily.

The menu has been lentils with chorizo, some tape, salad, and gelatin, but there is another alternative for those who can not take meat. Carlos (34 years) has opted for lentils with chorizo.

It is the first time you go to a place like this. Not even know existed, “I found out an ad in the press, ” he says. He used to work in a mall, but lost his job last December 22, when he traveled to Peru to pick up their children to bring them to Spain.

“At work, I was assured that there would be no problem, but when I returned, I said they would not hire me again, and above have no right to collect unemployment because I left voluntarily.”

Food and breakfast This initiative is carried out at the headquarters of the Brotherhood of San Simón de Rojas (Calle Sevilla, 19), where more than 15 years ago breakfasts are given to the most disadvantaged people in the municipality, especially indigent.

But the people who come at noon is very different from the morning. This is mainly middle class that increasingly relies more on charity overwhelmed by the crisis. In fact, Caritas serves 21% of families seeking food and clothing than last year, as published 20 minutes on 22 October.

“The suit for a better life” Carlos is the one who is in this situation. In Peru, he worked designing dentures. “Look, I did it,” tells us at the door of the headquarters, while sharp points. He also says he will come again with their three children, ages 13, 6 and three years, which have enjoyed the menu.

“The costume to give them a better life, but now I think it was not such a good idea.” The soup kitchen will remain open for the duration of the economic crisis.

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