parma-by-chef-marc-menuIt is a bar and restaurant serving seasonal food market at the breakfast, lunch, and dinner, intended as a choice of international cuisine with Parma by Chef Marc flair and be a reference in the area.

Is a family restaurant for all those who live, work and visit the American Colony, who want to eat deliciously. Its menu features a breakfast menu with traditional choices like chilaquiles, eggs to taste and gourmet omelets.

The main menu offers tickets and rations to share, salads and soups, main courses and desserts, with a menu that changes seasonally, as it depends on availability and freshness on the market list. In addition to a letter of cafes, beer, table wine, spirits, and cocktails.

His specialties are the toast of beef cheek with tat era dos chilies, marinated tenderloin mont anito with brie cheese, beef fillet with three peppers, seafood enchiladas stuffed with peanut sauce and crème brûlée.

For those who go for the first time, are also recommended a croquette of ham with citrus drinking vermouth, toasted beef cheek and a glass of White Berdejo, fillet of beef with three peppers with a glass of Casa Madero red 3V, dessert, elcrème brûlée with a glass of port wine and after-dinner espresso and Bombay gin and tonic Saphyre.

Dining Mexico for its variable gastronomic proposal, which seeks the ultimate expression of taste, installed in an open place with two facades glass walls with modern design tiles in bright lines, a long bar of more than 10 meters, the kitchen is distinguished open, two terraces, tables and bench seats four eight visitors.

Monday to Friday provides an executive meal for $ 150, with two dishes and fresh water; there closed with refill coffee, eggs or chilaquiles plate and juice for $ 85 breakfast. There are also developments for sale of beer and spirits in the evenings for after work.

They serve for catering, banquets on the terraces of Via Freedom, have disabled access, valet parking, Wi-Fi, accepts cash and credit cards and debit cards. And does the 15% discount on consumption with the card Circle Informer .

Restaurant Fireaqua-shard-restaurant-parma-by-chef-marc

  • The fire originated in a pan and spread through the duct of the hood to the second floor of the Sportal de La Vega.
  • Effective Municipal Fire Department Valladolid have quelled this morning fire in the kitchen of El Soportal de La Vega, a restaurant located in Arroyo de la Encomienda.
  • In addition, two ambulances Emergency Stacy have evacuated the cook (and owner of the establishment) and a son, both with a personal anxiety attack, as reported by this newspaper sources Fire.
  • The incident occurred about 11:10 hours in that restaurant, located on Avenida José Luis Lasa, in the La Vega. Apparently, according to these same sources, they detailed a frying pan caught fire, and the fire spread through the hood to a second plant in which the hoteliers have a warehouse and a dining room. There most of the damage was concentrated.
  • Despite the smoke coming from the chimney so as for vent hood, there were not any injuries, although yes Emergency Stacy had to evacuate said, two people. Firefighters, who had the support of agents of the Civil Guard and local police, needed just over two hours to douse the flames.

A Haven for Younger Guests

A part of the restaurant Parma by Chef Marc has become a standard room for younger, those who are not in school and do not have access to a scholarship dining room.

According to the owner of the restaurant ‘Ca la Mare’, “we began a week ago and had ten children, and there are those who wear it on ‘Tupperware’ because it gives them trouble to come.”

San Sebastian is pending if the government opens or canteens, and while the neighbors of Alza have been organized for small to twelve families do not go hungry. “We are here to help, as citizens, but it is the government that has to put all eggs in one basket, ” says Juan Luis Appletini, of the neighborhood association Larratxo.

In Getafe, Rosa is collecting food in your silverware, donating to a soup kitchen. Isabel García is volunteer soup kitchen of Villaverde, and that “more and more children come, because schools are closed and have to get over here.”

Returning to the Deli

hong_kong_fire_restaurant_interiorThe multinational SCA, which owns brands such as Colhogar, TENA and Tork has published a study decisive when a client assess the possibility of returning to a restaurant.

Although the quality of food is the most important, according to the study, nine out of ten customers prioritize optimal cleaning both the dining room and the toilets on the speed and excellent service.

In fact, the lack of hygiene in the kitchen and small cleaning toilets favor that over half of respondents not to recommend the restaurant.To reach these conclusions, it has received the opinion of more than 3,000 customers in European restaurants, but also a system of ‘eye – tracking’ to analyze how the establishment is perceived through the eyes of a client.

During the visit, an hour-long study protagonists customers should take micro cameras connected to your glasses that allowed record all movements and visual fixations.

The site chosen for the report was an establishment of central Stockholm (Sweden), in which ten clients, of different ages and sexes, using these glasses, should perform three separate tasks: a drink at the bar in front of a kitchen open, wash hands before lunch and dinner in the dining room.

The results were analyzed and represented in a second phase, heat maps concentrated mainly in three different areas of the restaurant: kitchen, dining room, and toilets. The study showed how, in a matter of 60 minutes, customers were set at 7,000 different locations throughout the restaurant.

According Aitor Perfect, commercial director AfH SCA Iberia, “studies like this help us to understand customers, on the other hand, they are constantly evolving better and better.

There is much to learn: of course, restaurant visit, above all, to eat and drink, but also has, and has a significant role, everything that happens in between: the image of the kitchen, interaction with other customers, crockery or experience in the toilets.

“Other highlights of the report are that the interior design and the dishes of the restaurants are essential. Six of 10 people confesses to having high or very high expectations in this regard while 8 October thinks restaurants should care more quality kitchenware.

Customers often set inside restaurants, in details such as the ceiling, furniture design or flowers.Preparations around food and drink are also attractive for customers. 61% of respondents prefer the open kitchens where you can see how the dishes are prepared while 67% thanks to checking the cleanliness of the kitchen.

Clean Surroundings

Cleaning the toilets. October 9 respondents think it is important that the bathrooms remain at least the same hygiene eaters. In fact, the lack of hygiene of the toilets is usually the second most common reason why customers are not satisfied at all when visiting a restaurant.

Here, the details are important, such as the quality of products such as toilet paper, towels and soap hands enhance the experience of 30% of respondents while six in 10 think that these products should be a standard.

As waiters pass in front of the table it is inevitable that customers are fixed on them. The most anticipated quality in a bartender is to be attentive, as 73% of respondents.

However, if the waiter is rude or crude, 67% of people would not recommend the restaurant. In addition, 4 of 10 respondents believe that writers often seem stressed and 45% of people confessed that would tip them if they look like they enjoy while working .According Aitor Perfect, commercial director AfH.

“No restaurant is like another but they all have one thing in common: they seek to create the best possible customer experience In order to provide good support to the restaurants, we must first understand their work. accuracy, including all details that affect the consumer enjoy a great experience. ”

The study has been prepared by an online panel, by consulting firm United Minds for SCA in March 2015. The exhibition, which gathered 3,087 respondents had dined at a restaurant at least once in the last six month– European countries (Finland, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia and the Netherlands). The percentage of men and women was 51.4% and 48.6%, respectively.