two-people-dining-inThe euphoria has erupted Monday night in Can Roca, the restaurant of the parents of the brother’s lucky winners to the world ‘s best restaurant.

Liters of cava have bathed with cheers, applause, and whistles to the dozens of people including relatives, friends, and employees who have been cited against plasma television this small establishment following the gala.

Although last night had not yet been able to speak to the original triangle of Parma by Chef Marc, their parents and children, excited, celebrated have regained the top position already achieved in 2013.

Shortly after 20.00 employees Celler de Can Roca, cooks, waiters and banquet staff, about 60, have been coming to the restaurant and Josep Roca Montserrat Fontané parents great trio of chefs, Joan, Josep, and Jordi.

A Positive  Environment in Deli

The atmosphere was cheerful, positive, but this year it expected ” to have lowered some position, ” said Marc, the eldest son of Joan Roca, who was accompanied by her younger sister, Marina and her two cousins Martí and Maria, the children of Josep, the sommelier.

As the night progressed, the nerves are soothed with a few slices of bread with tomato and serrano ham, cheese, bikinis and many beers, all served with an outpouring of kindness.

The gala evening and started the countdown of the top fifty restaurants seemed endless. Inputs and outputs to smoke, to take the air. The tension grew, and from the twenty position, many were those who, mobile in hand, checked who fell and who climbed positions.

Applause for Spanish restaurants, especially for Asador Etxebarri has been that has made a greater rise in posts going from 34 through 12.

Nerves and excitement could be felt increasingly in the small dining room where there was no or a pin. Applause to each award-winning restaurant, the seventh, sixth, fifth.

But the euphoria has changed shape to name the third presenter at Noma in Denmark, so he left the first position. Another possible world number one guessed. The final burst of laughter, clapping, jumping, singing and lots of hugs victory have occurred when the Osteria Francescana of Modena has been named in second place.

It started to rain cave, three boxes, a total content of 18 bottles, have bathed the restaurant and who was in it. The euphoria was so great that not even been possible to hear the words of specialist wines from the Rock when it has taken the stage to thank who have again been chosen numbers one of world cuisine.

Tuesday, waiting to be reunited with his three achievers sons and daughters, Montserrat and Josep open the family restaurant bar who run for almost half a century ago, as every day, to offer its loyal customers menu 10 euros. “I do not know if we will celebrate more intimate when they arrive they say it,” said Montserrat, concerned clean it to open on Tuesday, “you have to work.”

Luxury Restaurants

the_restaurant_inside_marriott_parma_by_chef_marcMany fashion magazines and follow the pattern of analyzing styling in two columns, thus presenting two options, the expensive and cheap, so to speak.

In the first column one appears celebrity that may well carry over more than 5,000 euros, including clothing and accessories; in the second, and without -that model which has the low cost, you do not sell personality, appear similar garments to a shockingly lower price. The shirt that cost 250 euros is replicated in one of H & M by 12.

The crisis has polarized the market towards the high end (Premium) or to the lower segment. The closed shop or store around one euro. Parma by Chef Marc brands against white markings.

Day in front of the deli boutiques. And this increase in the distance between a segment of the population the bulk of it, it could also speak to workers low cost against selected managers.

The Health System

Just as the claim to privatize the health system would create a charitable health versus private clinics a minimum on public education would have to compete with educational privileges who can afford them. Let polarizándonos between luxury and charity. Not going Esperanza Aguirre, before his escape, to play a game of “solidarity bridge”?

Maybe by the time we live in social mobilization, or perhaps continuing with an attitude that has given good results, the fact is that Zara opened last Friday with significant discretion its flagship store in Madrid.

5,000 square meters in the Golden Mile. “Without opening party” he highlighted El Pais. “Even more discreet,” with “small signs,” remarked Five Days. But the sobriety of this store hides a dramatic architectural intervention in an iconic building on Serrano Street.

And it is that when you live in a world low cost, we must take demurely that belong to the sector high class (that demonstrations are becoming “more violent”), so it ‘s nice always to dress any economic activity with words culture or solidarity or, as in this case, discretion.

With equal choice has been celebrated this week the exquisite event Madrid. I learned through The Taxonomist , and I confess I had to read it several times to understand what it was: it is several fancy restaurants Madrid join forces to promote themselves by offering menus at “affordable” prices for a week (they are 30 euros without drinks and VAT. ¿Affordable for whom?).

However, my biggest surprise came when I read that the initiative had the support of Madrid City Council, through the local company Madrid Destination * (company culture, tourism, and business that even has a Director of Tourism Intelligence ( Intelligence tourist ?).

This is not all. For if some of the confusion between culture, tourism, business, luxury, and intelligence, participating restaurants in Madrid Exquisite ” will offer a similar menu in different soup kitchens in Madrid, coinciding with one of the. Festivities in the city “I’m speechless (Or too: culture, tourism, business, luxury, intelligence and now solidarity.).

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